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Galley Storage Tips

Updated: Nov 3, 2019



Find a wall (or the side of your fridge) in your galley to mount a couple of rows for your bulky pots and pans. Use Butcher´s S-Hooks to hang them from your blocks. These will keep safely stowed underway.


Use the inside of your cupboards to hang your pot lids. These little buggers always fall out of my cupboard and this was a top tip to resolve this! Also you can hang your paper towel, cleaning spray bottles and dishcloths in this way too.

TIP 3: KEEP THE BEST AND DITCH THE REST! A chef´s galley can easily become cluttered, as we are always wanting new gadgets to play with and have limited space on board. I highly recommend once a season, check your galley drawers and keep your best items and donate your older ones to friends or charities Keep your best knifes, cutlery, crockery, your best set of glassware, your galley equipment essentials and try be ruthless with getting rid of your clutter. We all know how damaged items can get from a busy charter season! So if your buying new galley equipment and crockery, don’t keep odd sets of your old ones as spares. Its difficult to store and if your like me you never use the old sets.

TIP 4: STORING CANNED FOOD Use a Sharpie Permanent Marker Pen to label the tops of your tins. Makes life a lot easier to see what they are. Label and date your freezer baggies with permanent marker too.

TIP 5: PLASTIC CRATES Stow your tinned goods or drinks in plastic crates in your lockers or bilge. If you have a spill or a soda can explosion, at least you only have to clean the plastic crate instead of the whole locker or bilge. Remember to rotate your stock when buying new goods, to use up the older items first, and check the expiry dates.


If possible, install sliding drawers, to easily get to the back of your cupboards, without having to unpack everything to get to that one thing you are looking for. This works especially well for heavy pots and pans. Always put non skid shelf paper in all your galley drawers and cupboards. This prevents things from moving around underway. This also prevent scuff marks or staining in your cupboards.


Whoever invented silicone cookware is  pure genius! They don’t rust and take up far less space on board. You can purchase silicone muffin trays, square and round cake pans, baking pans & bread tins. I just love them. You can also stow them in between your other cookware to stop them from rattling.

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