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Yacht Crew Health Insurance

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Ensuring Insurance

As nomads of the sea, yacht crew find themselves at the mercy of their wits, vigilance, and the risk they must take while performing their duties. While some yachts and flag states comply to MLC standards wherein they are required to provide health insurance for their crew – others do not – often leaving their crew liable for any medical bills they may incur.

Depending on where they happen to be in the world – this could not only mean massive unexpected expenses but could also leave crew vulnerable to lifelong debilitations if they cannot be repatriated to receive the necessary care elsewhere. Finding the right coverage is essential if you are not provided with your own. We’ve put together a simple guide with some resources to help you find the right fit.

Comparison Shopping

Having travel insurance can pay off in more ways than one, but be sure to find the fit that is right for you. Some coverage can assist outside of just covering expensive medical care, for example if you have to pay to replace stolen property, or the cost of a canceled dream vacation. Check out this comparison health insurance guide which makes it easy for all types of travelers to find coverage to suit their needs. Since medical coverage doesn’t always travel with you, this resource is great for those specifically interested in ensuring they’re cared for during a trip:

Brokers & Agents

Special insurance has developed over the years to provide crew excellent coverage wherever they may be. Finding a Marine Insurance broker can be so helpful in acquiring the proper insurance package. Clarisse Gard has been helping crew for years and is a trusted agent who can help find and select a plan that is right for you and your crew.

One of the great plans Clarisse recommends, which incorporates Medical and Dental with minimum deductibles,  is with WYCC Henner. The crew members are required to pay up front for expenses in some cases but can easily submit receipts and make claims online. Their turn-around time is 1-2 weeks and they direct deposit refunds in the currency used to pay for treatment. They also have annual allowances for chiropractors and physiotherapy.


On Board & Remote Safety

Some Yacht Owners even choose to have a Medaire plan. This uses a system of specialized first aid kits and equipment mixed with live help and training in order to provide expert remote medical assistance for yacht crew, owners, and guests.

Most importantly, a comprehensive medical plan is crucial not only for accidents, but also for preventative measures such as annual teeth cleaning, physicals, and cancer screening. Having a healthcare system in place is a worthwhile long term investment. Be sure to shop around for plans if you or your crew do not already have one.

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