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S1 E7 How to Land your Dream Job in the Yachting Industry with Lauren Cotton of Cotton Crews

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Show Notes:

Your Reputation in Yachting & Landing your Dream Job

Today Lauren joins us to discuss the state of the industry and how your reputation means everything.

Lauren Cotton is the Founder and President of Cotton Crews. After spending many years serving Yacht Captains & Crew at Rybovich Marina in West Palm Beach, she brings her network value by connecting them via the placement apps and crew housing services.

These two apps to help connect yacht crew to hiring managers and Captains quickly and easily. Get the Cotton Crews Hire App (blue app icon) or Cotton Crews Jobs App (green app icon)

Top Tips for Finding your Dream Yachting Job

Your reputation means everything as the industry is small. Don’t burn bridges and be sure to get good references.

The top things employers are looking for is longevity and good references.

People can see your social media. Make sure your online presence is cleaned up.

What is the biggest challenge facing crew today?

Lack of longevity and not minding your reputation. Jumping from boat to boat can cause future hiring agents to wonder why you cannot hold a job down. Social media seems to lead others to believe they are having a better time than you or have a better job but it’s generally the same tasks that need to be done on each boat. Make the most of it wherever you are. Lauren recommends to stick out at least one year on your first boat. Getting that first year under your belt can help you leverage your next position as far as stepping up in position or being more selective on itinerary. A few years ago crew used to stay on their boats for at least 3-4 years but it seems social media has impacted the industry and is causing people to jump around a lot. This can be harmful to your reputation and long term goals. The industry is very small and building your reputation is an important for landing your dream job and building your career.

Main takeaway: Even if you are not on an exciting itinerary – make the most of where you are and know that longevity is leading you toward your ultimate goals.

What is your Favorite Place to Vacation?

Lauren started her career in yachting at Rybovich Shipyard and Marina and is based out of West Palm Beach. Every year they do the Monaco Yacht Show and visit the crew down in St Barths and the Caribbean. They love Fishing in Costa Rica for Matt who runs the Cotton Crew housing.

Current Yacht Jobs with Cotton Crews & When is the Hiring Season?

There are always a number of jobs for each position. Christmas to New Years is generally slow but after that in South Florida there is always lots available. Click here to view current yacht jobs.

Looking for a job on a Yacht? Searching for crew?

Lauren’s Tips for Entrepreneurs

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize

  2. Know what your goals are

  3. Do something you love

How to become Yacht Crew

How to Join Yachting by the Superyacht School. This in depth video course walks you through how to become a first time yachtie. Dealing with everything from visas, to training schools, to how much the initial investment is. This is a great step-by-step guide for joining the industry. Click to learn more or share this course with your friends.



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