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Top 6 Montreal Musts for Summer 2018

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Special Thanks to Montreal Native & Yachtie Erika for her inside insights!

Most of anything in Montreal involves drinking, especially in the summer when there are so many festivals! In this City that is known for biking, dining, and libations you are sure to have a good time. Keep reading for our top tips for Montreal this Summer.

Getting Around


Before we dive in, if you are planning your first trip by boat via the Champlain and Chambly canals, check out this great time lapse from New York City to Montreal on a yacht.

Planes & Cars

If you however are arriving by plane, getting from Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) to downtown is about a $26-$34 Uber Ride.

Bixi Bikes

Once downtown getting around is quite easy thanks to Montreal’s Bike Sharing system – Bixi Bikes. For just $5 a day you can take a bike when you need and just leave it at your next destination! With over 400 Bixi bike docks and bike lanes everywhere, this is the best way to see Montreal. Now for the good stuff – Some of the top Must-See’s Include:

1. Old Port of Montreal

This historic port of Montreal features cobble stone streets, bustling restaurants, local art, performers, and everything you could expect from a culture-rich town. 

Old Port of Montreal

2. Mount Royal Lookout

From here you can see the whole city from the top of a mountain downtown.

Mount Royal Montreal Quebec

3. Piknic Electronik

This huge day party located in a park Downtown Montreal features DJs on Sundays only.

Piknic Electronik Photo by Toshimi Jan Muniz

4. Tam-Tams on Mount Royal

Also a Sunday day party but a super hippy fest – people picnic and bring their own beers and sit on blankets – some people sell random things – there’s lots of Montreal food around and sometimes people pretend sword fight which is HIGHLY ENTERTAINING.

5. Rue St. Denis

St. Denis Street is full of amazing restaurants and bars – it also features one of the biggest outdoor bars in the city which sits 500 people outside!

6. Festival It Up

Jazz Fest is AMAZING – as well as Beer Fest, Oyster Fest… there are hundreds of festivals in the summer with different ones every weekend! Jazz Fest 2018 runs from 28th of June until the 27th of July.

Out & About

With all there is to see and do, you most likely will find yourself in need of a late night meal. Don’t forget that the official nosh of those who stay out until 3am in Montreal is Poutine. You can get your fill of this cheap and easily adaptable dish at the 24 hour breakfast joint – La Banquise.

An all time favorite spot of the late Chef Anthony Bourdain and the oldest Deli in Canada – Schwartz’s Deli is a must for your next day (shall we say hangover?) breakfast. This original “smoked meat” sandwich will definitely set you right.

As you can see Montreal is a non-stop paradise in the summer months. We hope you get to enjoy the fun, beauty, and culture of this exquisite Canadian City! Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get blog updates, travel tips & tricks and special Nautic Nomad deals.



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