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S1 E3 Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast Becoming a Yachtie with @TheChelseaHaines Part 2

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A Yachting Podcast for the Nautic Nomad Community

In Part 2 of this week’s Nautic Nomad yachting podcast, special guest Chelsea Haines shares tips for living a healthy and balanced life on board, some of her favorite destinations to see by yacht, and special insight on how to get into yachting from a fellow yachtie who you might know from BravoTV. Learn more about her practice and abundance coaching at

Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast | Part 2 Show Notes

Advice for Life on board Yachts

Each day and in each circumstance we have the choice to act or react. Maintaining a happy and healthy baseline that you can rely on will help you in pressured circumstances to overcome obstacles. Especially in the busy environment of being on charter and living in enclosed spaces with people, knowing what your ‘normal’ is and how to get back to it can help you cope and perform under pressure.

Adventure Time

Chelsea’s Must See/ Sightseeing – Hiking Mount Etna in Catania Sicily

Want to learn how to get A Job in Yachting?

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How to get paid to travel the world

How to become Yacht Crew

How to Join Yachting by the Superyacht School.

This in depth video course walks you through how to become a first time yachtie. Dealing with everything from visas, to training schools, to how much the initial investment is. This is a great step-by-step guide for joining the industry. Click to learn more or share this course with your friends

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