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SuperYacht Talks Broadcasting Platform for Seminars & Talks to the Global Superyacht Industry

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

SuperYacht Talks Has Launched a New Platform for Broadcasting Seminars & Talks to the Global Superyacht Industry

SuperYacht Radio has recently launched a brand new service called SuperYacht Talks – a simple broadcasting service for the global Superyacht Industry. You can now reach a wider audience from the comfort of your office desk. This platform allows companies or individuals to share their live seminars or talks from any location. The only equipment required is a computer with a Mic or PA connection, internet and a small App provided by SuperYacht Talks.

Superyacht Talks Seminar Streaming

Superyacht Needs Driven Services

The brilliant minds behind Superyacht Radio received many requests by companies and associations who wished to deliver their conferences, seminars, and talks, to a larger global audience. This spurred the co-founders to create SuperYacht Talks. Not only does this solve the problem of reaching a larger audience with seminars and talks, users can also provide tutorials or specialised training.

“There are so many great discussions and talks across so many different sectors of the superyacht industry all year round, all around the world. We believe passionately in the power of ideas and concepts as explained directly by the experts. To be able to deliver these ideas to listeners anywhere in the world makes us feel very privileged.”

Maeve Dempsey, co-founder of SuperYacht Radio

SuperYacht Talks Three Levels of Service

Pricing starts at €500 euros which includes full technical support and a professional recording of your talk or conference. The tiers are as follows:

Open Stream –open, accessible and free to all listeners. For when information is not confined to a select group.

Secure Stream –accessible only to members of associations or groups, that have been invited to listen. For example, clients, association members or only Captains. The stream will be password encoded.

Subscription Based –A secure service for paid events and seminars, allowing the host to reach a wider audience whilst collecting revenue from their audience who wish to listen.

“It was an important focus for us to make the service accessible to every size of association or business, down to the individual or small charity with tight budgets.¨ said Maeve.

SuperYacht Talks offers both remote and on-site technical support. They also can record each broadcast for publication and later distribution. The benefits of using SuperYacht Talks is also having access to SuperYacht Radio which can promote and market events in advance to help maximise awareness and increase the audience.

Praise for SuperYacht Talks

On November 23rd SuperYacht Talks launched with its first broadcast from Astilleros, Palma in association with ACREW for the seminar “Turn the Tide on Plastic” by Mayra Kok and Andreas Buhl from Water Without Waste.

“I liked very much the quick and smooth way of collaboration with Maeve and Dave from Superyacht Radio in the live broadcast of our workshop Turn the tide on plastic part II: testing and tasting of drinking water. No worries for me about the technical part or whatsoever, just the pleasure of reaching a wider public!” said Marja Kok.

Learn More about SuperYacht Talks

“The superyacht industry is a global community, and we are very excited to be providing a service that enables industry professionals to tune in wherever they are and be part of these talks. By integrating Social Media into the service listeners can pose questions to the speaker and be truly part of the conversation and not just a spectator.”

Dave Dempsey – Co-Founder

For further information either visit, email or call +34 657 38 44 58.

About SuperYacht

Founded in October 2017, by Dave and Maeve Dempsey, the 24 hours a day super yacht industry dedicated radio station has quickly grown a faithful audience worldwide. The various regular shows such as the Overboard show with Dave and Coz, Drop the Anchor with Chris Marsden, Around the World with Michael Howorth, Techie Talks with Pippa Nicholas, coming soon, Between two Yetis with Lee Savage and also a continuous stream of feel good contemporary music whatever the time zone. With International news on the hour and interviews with professionals throughout the industry, they have gained an average listenership of 41,500 per month, a growing reach through social media, and have established a new medium of communication in the superyacht industry.



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