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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Yacht Crew

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Christmas 2019 Inspiration for the Yacht Crew, Seafarers and Sailors in your Life

It can be really tough to pick the right gift for yacht crew… With limited space on board for personal items, there’s not much room for anything that doesn’t bring true joy, satisfaction or functionality.

These are some of our top choices from our Christmas Ideas for Yachties list.

10 Floating Sunglass Strap

Aka Croakies – these ones from Ukes come in 17 fun styles and will prevent sunnies from slipping away to never be seen again. Both functional and fun, they are a great stocking stuffer gift for under $20.

9 Audible Subscription

Subscriptions are a great idea in general, but for those who live a life at sea with not a lot of space to store books – audible is a great way to circumvent that issue. With nearly half a million Audible books – your favorite seafarer can listen to their hearts content. Get Two Free books and a Free Month.

8 All in One Tool by Lever

At just 1.6 ounces, this lightweight stainless steel money-clip-slash-all-in-one tool will take your favorite deckhand from work to play with built in wrenches, beer bottle openerr, removable money clip and more… $39.95 on Amazon

7 Packing Cubes

In keeping with the practicality theme… Packing up your life into one collapsible bag can be quite daunting but these organizers make it easy to sort, organize and compartmentalize your life for going to and from the boat. They easily collapse and can be stored along with your luggage (in whatever deep dark bildge they live in). Another great gift for under $20.

6 Overnight Backpack by Bange

Speaking of luggage options, these bags from Bange fit perfectly for Carry-on. $59.99

5 Lavender Sleep Mask

Having a sleep mask is essential. Working shift hours, doing watches, and sharing a bunk can all lead to lack of hours of rest. Avoid disrupted sleep with this hypoallergenic lavender mask that comes with a free gel mask. $17.50 on Amazon

4 Slippers

Speaking of essentials – walking on marshmallows? Yes please. Every superyacht is always ice cold on the inside – owning a great pair of slippers are a MUST. These faux fur breathable moccasins have a durable bottom and cozy inside. Great for on watch and doing rounds. They sell for about $20, what is not to love?

3 Cashmere Travel Set

If you feel like splashing out – send your favorite sailor home in style with a 100% Cashmere plane set. The carrying case even doubles as a pillow. $360 by JetBo

2 Sound Cancelling AirPods Pro

Wireless everything? Yes Please. No more unrecognizable knots to deal with… These things are life-changing. Cut the cord and be free already. A great gift for anyone