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S1 E10 | Treasure Hunting with Chilton & Associates | Curating Unique Artwork for Yachts

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Investment Series Part 2 | Awe Inspiring Art for Yachts Villas & Homes

Today we have Aidan Stride from Chilton & Associates joining us to discover the world of treasure hunting – an alternate to atlernative investing that is fun, interesting and compelling. It also doubles as a unique way to display artwork onboard yachts, in your home, or villa. Chilton & Associates aids their clients in aquiring pieces of history which are meaningful and unique to each owner. These objects d’art not only hold timeless secrets – they are also thought provoking conversation pieces that appreciate in value over time.

David Chilton & The Associates | Treasure Hunting History

Founder & CEO David Chilton is author of the best selling book “The Wealthy Barber” and you may also recognize him as one of the Dragon’s from CBC’s hit show “Dragons’ Den.” David first got into collecting pieces of history for himeself. His very first treasure was a Mark Twain letter. In time he purchased other pieces, such as an Einstein etching, and he found that these precious artifacts, beautifully framed on display in his home, would invoke fascination and conservation among his dinner guests. Their interest sparked an idea for him to be able to connect those who are not necessarily collectors to these unique pieces of history. With the vast amount of knowledge and know-how required for sourcing a piece – from fair pricing to authentication – he knew he could help people from start to finish. David started Chilton & Associates to help those with an interest in collecting these treasures. His associates get to know each individual client and work to source options for them that hold personal meaning, are verified and purchased at fair market value.

The Wealthy Barber book by David Chilton

How Does It Work?

Once the team gets to know each client, they go hunting for their treasures. As pieces are found, photos, descriptions and estimated costs are sent through to the perspective buyer. What is a unique value proposition that Chilton & Associates offer, is their proprietary database of historically sold items to use as a measure to ensure proper bidding pricing.

What are some of the most unique or crazy items you’ve found?

Dr. James Naismith’s typed and hand notated original rules of Basketball.

J.K Rowlings’ hand-painted chair where she wrote the first two books.

Items from the Titanic – a deck chair that floated & a menu from the last dinner on board

JFK & Jackie Bouvier wedding invitation (inquire with Aidan for purchase)

JFK & Jackie Bouvier Wedding Invitation

Trendspotting, Authentication and Provenance

With their unique database, Chilton & Associates are able to spot trends in popular items and get ahead of the market in regards to getting a valuable piece of work that will increase in time. They also have relationships with auction houses and do their own research and development into authenticating an item and verifying provenance.

Get in touch with the Chilton & Associates Team

Get in touch with Aidan for more info:

Check out their website

*Disclaimer – The material covered in the Nautic Nomad podcasts are for educational and information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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