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S1 E5 Nautic Nomad Podcast with Jamila aka @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew | Yachting Exit Plans

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

S1 E5 Show Notes

Talking Yachting Exit Plans with Jamila aka @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew

In this yachting podcast we explore the world on water with Superyacht Chief Stew Jamila. She is also the owner of Starfish Crew, a Yacht Crew consultancy agency geared towards helping Spanish speaking people join the yachting industry. Her bespoke step-by-step guidance covers everything from Resume services, to agency pitches, and inside information into the yachting world. With over 8 years of yachting under her belt, and much experience hiring as a Chief Stew, Jamila knows exactly what recruiters are searching for. As part of her Yachting Exit Plan, Jamila planned her next step for years. Between her consultancy business and real estate decisions, she is a great example of someone who is transitioning to land seamlessly and in style.

On Joining the Yachting Industry from Spain

Jamila’s foray into yachting was quite unique, as she explains. Her feeling about learning of this industry is something she can only describe as ‘winning the lottery’. While in University in Madrid, Jamila used to do dining service at events. One day, after serving at a meeting at Hotel Palace in Madrid, she got an interview with the PA of a yacht who wanted to hire her straight out of University. Once Jamila finished her Masters, she flew on their private jet the next day to join the yacht in June 2010.

Beautiful Yacht Club on Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Dent Island Resort is nestled in between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Boasting stunning views from their many vantage points and outside decks along with their 5 star menu, this little island is not to be missed. Grab a drink at cocktail hour and check out the rapids deck. They offer amazing fine dinning with appetizers served before dinner time. You can also book a trip out with one of their fishing guides or make use of their Gym. Dockage Rates in the ‘off’ season are $3.00/ft and in the ‘high’ season its $4.00/ft. All inclusive of power and water.

Investment Property Solutions for Yacht Crew | Anchor Property UK

Thinking about investing in property? Anchor Property in the UK provides yacht crew with the transparent solutions  in the UK for the ever-growing list of obstacles they face when trying to invest in property. Read more here.

Jamila’s friend, Yacht Chief Stew & Cake baker extraordinaire @indyqueenofcakes

Adventure Time

Jamilla’s favorite place in the world is San Diego! What is yours? Let us know in the comments below.



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