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New Build Project 77 Meter “BLACK SHARK” Swims Into View

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

77 Meter Project BLACK SHARK Splashing Spring 2021

German shipyard NOBISKRUG held their first event of the year February 20th by celebrating the 77-Meter BLACK SHARK in a keel laying ceremony in Kiel, Germany. In a sale brokered by Imperial, Project BLACK SHARK owner has retained the superyacht specialist as their representative and supervisor throughout the rest of the build.

“We are pleased to team up again with our esteemed partners at NOBISKRUG. Project BLACK SHARK is a major milestone for Imperial on several aspects: the very first Imperial vessel designed in close collaboration with Winch Design and Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, and the very first publicized superyacht project from keel laying to delivery. With Project BLACK SHARK, together with NOBISKRUG we want to give a clearer understanding of our industry and how exclusive creations are coming to life, who are the people behind. We will not only reveal to the world an exciting 77-metre superyacht, but a vision from the inside like it was never done before!” – Evgeniy Kochman, Chief Executive of Imperial
Project Black Shark NOBISKRUG

Keel Laying & Coin Ceremony at NOBISKRUG

During the early stages of a yachts build, the keel laying and coin ceremony are an important milestone. Besides the placing of the keel section, the ceremony also sees the yacht owner place a special coin under the keel. Not only is this a symbolic start for the assembly of the rest of the vessel, but it is also a token of good luck for sailing the high seas. The coin is retrieved and returned to the owner upon nearing completion and also marks the accomplishment of the vessel meeting applicable regulations.

Ruler of the Sea: Unveiling The Innovative Design of Project BLACK SHARK

With two remarkable teams of designers and an experienced superyacht management company, we are truly excited to realize this bespoke project, with that in mind, we have decided to open our doors and give exclusive behind-the-scenes access. The build process is often cloaked in darkness and secrecy, so on this occasion, we are enormously happy to be able to share our innovations and processes. – Holger Kahl, Managing Director of NOBISKRUG

The innovative German shipyard NOBISKRUG maintains their reputation as a forerunner in both naval architecture and design with Project BLACK SHARK. With a contemporary interior conception by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design as well as an impressive exterior by distinguished British studio Winch Design – Project BLACK SHARK is preparing for a breathless reveal. 

Featuring two luxury tenders, three decks of imposing interior, a luxurious beach club & spa and a vast on-deck whirlpool – she is also being constructed under the new IMO Tier 3 regulations and Red Ensign Group Yacht Code Part A.

NOBISKRUG-keel laying-Project_Black-Shark_20190220-1 (2)

Bespoke German Shipyard NOBISKRUG

With 114 years in business, NOBISKRUG has been involved in shipbuilding since before the term superyacht was even coined. With their experience in building seagoing vessels, NOBISKRUG turned to the Superyacht industry in 2000 with the launch of their inaugural project – 92M Tatoosh. Now, NOBISKRUG is known for delivering a select portfolio of ingenious bespoke superyachts. Their building range supports yachts of a range between 60 to 426 meters and boasts over 900 in-house employees in two facilities located in northern Germany.

With the ethos of focusing on one project for one client at a time – paired with their pledge to build superyachts that will last for generations to come – NOBISKRUG remains a favored choice for the most selective of superyacht owners. Setting themselves among the foremost of superyacht builders, NOBISKRUG has made this evident through their various internationally rewarded superyachts as well as with the delivery of “Sailing Yacht A”. 

NOBISKRUG Superyacht Builders



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