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S1 E2 Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast Becoming a Yachtie with @TheChelseaHaines

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A Yachting Podcast for the Nautic Nomad Community

by Randi Barry

This week’s special guest Chelsea Nielsen aka @TheChelseaHaines shares with us the 3 things that will either make or break your efforts to get into yachting, tips and tricks on maintaining balance and finding health and happiness onboard and shares about her journey and finding her next adventure through yachting. Learn more about her practice and abundance coaching at https://chelseahainescoaching.com.

Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast | Part 1 Show Notes

Life on Board Yachts

Chelsea talks about the importance of having “Rest and Digest” as the baseline for your mental and overall health. Taking the time when you can to find your center so that in moments of stress you can operate. Her approach to her coaching is really being there for people when they are so stuck they cannot dig themselves out, no matter what that looks like.

Chelsea’s decision to join the yachting industry was a mixture of wanting to travel, make money, and teach yoga while doing it. One of her friends who had recently left the industry told her that she could give her all the information she needed to find a job on board yachts, but that she had told over 30 people how and nobody followed through because of 1 or more of the following reasons…

The 3 Things that will be Make or Break for your Efforts to Get into Yachting

💰 1. Financial

First, there is a financial investment off the bat. You need certain basic courses to be considered for working on board which pertain to safety at sea. You also need finances to keep afloat while doing your courses and searching for your first job. Depending on which yachting hub you choose the living expenses will vary. Look into either Fort Lauderdale in the Fall or Spring for Caribbean Hiring Season and Antibes or Barcelona for Spring Mediterranean hiring season.

The Cost of Starting your Yachting Career

  1. First, you need around $1,000 for the STCW Basic Training with PSA (but getting the next level up VPDSD is recommended). STCW consists of 4 basic parts plus a Security Training Element. They are: Elementary First Aid, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Personal Survival Techniques and Proficiency in Security Awareness or Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (aka VPDSD – recommended over the PSA). You can see a list of Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Accredited schools here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mca-approved-training-providers-atp#training-centres-providing-stcw-basic-training

  2. Second is the ENG1 Medical around $200 This is the link for a comprehensive and updated list of ENG1 MCA approved Doctors: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mca-approved-doctors-overseas

  3. For Stewardesses & Chefs – Food & Hygiene aka Food Safety in Catering (HABC) Level 2 in person training. $200-$300. Level 2 is the minimum acceptable level for catering staff and other persons processing food in the galley. An MCA Approved list can be found  here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/min-559-m-mlc-2006-food-and-catering-recognised-qualifications courses are also offered through Bluewater in Fort Lauderdale and Antibes.

💼 2. Moving into 1 (ONE) Suitcase

Secondly, yachting is something you are debating getting into,  you need to move on board with ONE soft sided suitcase. There is minimal extra storage space for crew so if moving your life into one suitcase stresses you out then maybe you need to reconsider this.

📅 3. One Year Commitment

Commit to Yachting one year before you decide it’s not for you. Commit your first year to your first boat because if you decide to continue on with your yachting career, that longevity will help you land your next job and help you get better jobs throughout your career.

Stand Out from the Crowd

A great CV can help you land that dream job interview where you have the opportunity to prove why you are the right person for the job. Check out The Crew Coach Yacht Resume Toolkit and gain the edge! Click Here for Yacht CV Toolkit

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How to Get Paid to Travel the World

What time of year is best to be searching for work on board yachts?

Annually before the Caribbean hiring season, basing yourself in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach is the best. Late August or early fall is a great time to be in South Florida. In the Spring, April to May you want to be in the South of France or Barcelona to look for work. Elite Crew has an office in Port Vell in Barcelona which is a huge beautiful new port.

Be in the right place at the right time, it’s all about who you know and networking! Crew agents are great people to know and networking is how you land some of the best jobs.

Take initiative in your life right now if you want a career change and use that inertia to launch yourself into yachting. A lot of what entry level crew do in yachting is common sense so be sure to initiative, be a learner, and be a yes person – it will take you a long way!

How to become Yacht Crew

How to Join Yachting by the Superyacht School.

This in depth video course walks you through how to become a first time yachtie. Dealing with everything from visas, to training schools, to how much the initial investment is. This is a great step-by-step guide for joining the industry. Click to learn more or share this course with your friends

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